What Makes Us Different Makes Us Better

Our Customers' Success Is Our Success and That Is The Only Measure That Matters for the EUS Team

The business of business communications is changing rapidly, often leaving business owners confused about which direction to take when it comes to providing their employees with the best real time voice and video communications tools, while also ensuring their company is able to connect with prospects, customers, and partners easily, and cost effectively. EUS believes that one size - or approach -does not fit every business.

We have been successful for over a decade by helping our customers with communications technology, including telephony, that "just works." Since we're entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand our small and medium size business customers' challenges, and we're passionate about staying on top of the latest technologies and vendors, so we can recommend a range of solutions then help our customers zero in on the best for their business.

We then ensure that whatever solution is chosen is procured at the best possible price, with the best service level agreements and features. We then help deploy those solutions in concert with communications service providers, whom our customers also have the freedom to select. What makes us different is that we make sure the combination of elements work - whether those elements are desktop phones, mobile devices including smartphones and tablets, or the applications and features like voice services, voice mail, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing and more. Even though the changes in how businesses communicate with voice, video, and web are continually happening, we know our customers simply want their communications platform to work. We "get it" - and know that what's most important is that the quality of communications is there, with high definition audio and video, no dropped calls, no lost voice mail and instant messages, and all at a price that makes sense.

Our Difference? When We Say Customer First, Last and Always - We Mean It.

Because we work only with the best vendors and communications service providers in the industry, we can guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, and reduce their costs not only be ensuring they are getting the most value for money from a combination of vendors and service providers, but also because if there is a moment when something breaks - we'll get it fixed. This means our customers can focus their attention on growing their business, without needing to spend money on full-time resources just to make sure their Internet is up and phones are working. Like our customers, we know that happy customers drives more revenue, more profits, and long-term growth. And like our customers, we'd rather serve our customers for many years, through the best and most challenging of times, not because it is simply smarter to keep these relationships growing for years, but because it is also more fun!

In this world of constant communications, through multiple channels (web, social, voice, collaboration, and more), we know it takes a lot of energy and commitment to be successful. By helping our customers stay connected with their customers and teams, we know we are contributing to their success. And when they are successful, so are we.