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Unified IP Communication

Switchvox is so much more than just an office phone system. Its a revolution in business communications, putting you in control of your most important asset in business, your voice.

Switchvox SOHO IP PBX - Upgradeable to SMB Edition

With this incredible leap in technology comes astounding cost-savings for your business, integration capability that you never thought possible, and the flexibility to meet the needs of whatever industry you're in. Switchvox SOHO IP PBX includes SOHO PBX Software, pre-installed on an Intel based, mid-tower server.Each Switchvox system comes installed with the latest Switchvox PBX software and a copy of the same Switchvox software on a cd-rom.

Switchvox SMB

What’s missing in SOHO that Switchvox SMB provides. Conference Bridge Functionality (SOHO has a basic conference room), Extension Groups (SMB lets you distinguish between groups to make multiple directories, etc.), the Switchboard, enhanced Call Queue Statics (SOHO has call center features, but SMB has more robust reporting), and more complex IVR actions (SOHO supports a more basic Auto-Attendant style IVR).

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CRM Integration

The latest version of switchvox's IP PBX, SMB v3.0, now supports real-time sales and customer service applications.

What's new?

Now, you can analyze and manage sales leads using the Switchboard panels designed to work directly with the customer relationship management (CRM) programs. Pop-ups with Detailed information from and SugarCRM automatically alerts you on incoming calls via the Switchboard, Switchvox's real-time call control panel.

Other features

The Switchvox SMB v3.0 also gives the developers access to a tool kit to build custom panels to fit the specific needs of the business. Additional features include:

• Integration with external voicemail servers: support for third-party and SIP-based voicemail servers.

• Sound packs: professionally recorded voices.

• Upgraded operating system: increased capacity to handle more concurrent calls with faster hardware systems.

• Firedialer 2.0 upgrade: automatic updates and support for local and international numbers.

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