QueueMetrics - Call center monitoring solution for the Asterisk PBX

QueueMetrics is a comprehensive monitoring software for call centers based on the Asterisk PBX. A complete call center monitoring and reporting tool.

With over 150 quantitative metrics available your call center runs smoothly and problems are easily pointed out. You can measure budget targets, SLA targets, agent activity and more, with a level of details that goes down to listening to any call on any queue - and right from your browser.

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Worldclass Reporting

QueueMetrics Reports

Extremely detailed answered / unanswered call breakdown.

QueueMetrics Reports

Agents, wait times, lengths, stints. SLA levels, queue positions.

Real-Time Center Monitoring

QueueMetrics Realtime Monitoring

Extremely detailed realtime callcenter monitoring

QueueMetrics Realtime Monitoring

Visitors can see their recent call flow, their logon and pause status.

QueueMetrics Advantages

Deployed in hundreds of call centers worldwide, it can monitor inbound queues and outbound campaigns: QueueMetrics is a Heavy-duty industrial-grade solution.

With a web-based interface and no client installation required, it offers different storage and deployment models. Minimal Asterisk interactions leads to maximum overall availability.


Queuemetrics Unlocking Asterisk Call Center Potential

AsteriskAsterisk Business Edition

Technical Features

  • Supports up to 500 live agents.
  • Supports unlimited number of queues and campaigns.
  • Supports clusters of Asterisk servers as if they were one single virtual
    asterisk server.
  • Can be installed on same or separate server as Asterisk
  • Built to minimize Asterisk load
  • Deployed in hundreds of locations worldwide
  • Supports multi-tenant virtual call-centers
  • Security grants can be assigned and revoked on a user-per-user basis
  • Supports multi-tenant virtual call-centers
  • Storage flat-files or database storage
  • Auto-configuration from Asterisk configuration files
  • Includes XML-RPC interface - Makes scripting and external data
    access easy.