Aastra XML Integration with PBX

Visual Voicemail

• Simple integration with the Voice Mail server

• Features: Play, Delete, Forward...

Aastra Visual VoicemailAastra Visual Voicemail

Directory Services

• Easy access from the phone to: Switch directory, Microsoft Exchange global list and Microsoft Exchange personal contacts.

• Reverse Directory: On the fly database lookup and Equivalent to a screen-pop using the action uri incoming.

• Hosted by a simple Web server.

Aastra Directory ServicesAastra Directory Services

DND - Call Forwarding - Call Waiting

• Standard server-side phone settings: DND, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting.

• Status can be displayed on the idle screen using the message line or with the LED status.

Aastra DND - Call Forwarding - Call WaitingAastra DND - Call Forwarding - Call Waiting

Parked Calls

• User can access and display the list of parked calls.

• Can scroll through list to pickup the parked call.

Aastra Parked CallsAastra Parked Calls

Conference Calls

• Easy integration with the conference bridge.

• Features for the conference master: Invite someone, Mute, Kick, Lock.

Aastra Conference CallsAastra Conference Calls

Call Center Appliction

• Agent without PC, the call center agent application is an XML application.

• Any Web based call center application could be available in a simplified version directly from the phone.


  • Login/Logout
  • Screen-pops (action uri incoming)
  • Queue real-time status
  • Simplified report access
  • Dedicated keys (record, emergency key, transfer…)
  • Automatic Wrap-up (action uri on-hook)

Aastra Call Center ApplictionAastra Call Center Appliction

Hot Desking

  • XML softkey to logout from phone:
  • Voice mail password protected.
  • Captured phone configuration associated with extension.
  • Reset phone to defaults with login prompts for new user.
  • XML softkey to login into new phone:
  • Enter extension number and voicemail password.
  • Re-associate old config data with new MAC address.
  • Reset phone to take on original appearance.

Aastra Hot DeskingAastra Hot Desking

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