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Client Spotlight: Diamond Tour Golf

Diamond Golf Tour

Why Diamond Tour Golf chose EUS: Their Nortel/Meridian system was end of life and the upgrade cost was enormous. Switchvox’s built in call center functionality with call recording pretty much closed this deal. When Diamond Tour Golf decided to pull the trigger they realized the total cost for a Switchvox solution was less than just the end of life upgrade cost for the Nortel/Meridian System.

Cost savings: They were able to lower their maintenance costs 100% since Switchvox allows them to maintain their own system and make MAC changes. They have been able to maintain their system for over 6 months resulting in break even ROI within 3 months of purchase.


Why Mismi chose EUS: Their Merlin Magic system was non-compliant due to its lack of call recording functionality. The cost to add the feature and bring the end of life Merlin Magic into compliance was very high. With EUS, they were able to forklift upgrade the entire end of life system and install a fully compliant IP PBX system for $10,000 less than simply adding the Merlin Magic call recording feature. Built in call detail records and the easy to use administrative interface were all critical. When Mismi realized they also were getting Tele-worker support built right into the base system at no extra cost, it sealed the deal.

Cost savings: An immediate $10,000 savings was attained at purchase. The customer felt so comfortable with the interface that they saved 100% on maintenance costs since they decided to maintain there own system due to the simple and complete management interface that came with the EUS solution.

Money Media

Why Money Media chose EUS: It was more costly to upgrade their aging Nortel system than replace it with the EUS system. The added features and ease of managing licenses created a solid case for EUS. Being able to perform their own MAC changes, Unified Messaging, and simplified licensing scheme all made this an easy choice for Money Media.

Cost savings: EUS was 20% below Nortel’s costs. This resulted in a cost savings on MAC changes since they can fully manage the entire system in house. Maintenance costs were also less than half of the Nortel system they considered installing.


Why HUGE inc. chose EUS: They were on a hosted Cisco platform that was unstable with a high MRC (Monthly Recurring Cost). Moving to EUS gave them full control of the phone system and a ROI that was realized within months. Tele-worker support, user self care portal, unified messaging, flexible licensing and open standards all contributed to making this an obvious choice for HUGE inc.

Cost savings: They were able to eliminate toll charges between their offices which resulted in an immediate savings on MAC (Move, Add, Change) requests at a cost of $500 per request. Total savings were $25000 since the customer did not have to replace their existing IP handsets form their hosted solution.


Why Longchamp chose EUS: Communications between multiple international locations can be a significant challenge for any organization. Already utilizing Asterisk in a limited deployment, Longchamp looked towards the future, brimming with questions about how to scale its communications network to allow for multiple international sites.

With the unparalleled flexibility of Asterisk Business Edition, Digium solution integrator EUS Networks in New York, NY implemented a world-class solution to match Longchamp’s commitment to customer service. After initially deploying Asterisk, Longchamp contacted Digium, The Asterisk Company, which paired the expertise of EUS Networks with Longchamp’s in-house IT department. After an initial telecommunications audit, EUS utilized the power of Asterisk Business Edition to deliver a fully redundant, secure, and highly-functional solution.

Results: Customer-service focused companies, like Longchamp, immediately enjoy the unparalleled features and scalability of Asterisk Business Edition. Partnering with EUS Networks, Longchamp’s new communications network allows for additional stores and offices to be easily added. Through easily-available redundancy and security, Longchamp trusts its critical customer-focused communications to Asterisk Business Edition.

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