Business Phone Systems

From SMB to distributed enterprise telephony systems EUS has got you covered

If you are in the need for a telephone system you need EUS. No matter what size system you are looking for we have got the solution and expertise to help you make the correct choice. A phone system is critical to running a business and at EUS we are aware that replacing an existing system or installing an entirely new system can be very challenging with the changing telephony landscape.

Asterisk, Interactive Intelligence and Switchvox are all solutions we can implement and support whether your application is large or small. Please browse the above tabs and feel free to familiarize yourself with each solution or better yet call one of our sales specialist and we will help you narrow down your choice.

EUSNetworks - History

*In the last 10 years we have been helping customers large and small to make the right choice while making sure they do not purchase a solution that will be obsolete as technology changes. IP telephony can be a wonderful tool to help your business do what it does best, service your customers.*

EUSNetworks - Targeted Solutions
  • Targeted Solutions for:
  • SOHO
  • SMB
  • Enterprise
  • Field offices
  • Call Centers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Service providers