Trader Voice Solutions With Rich Features & Flexibility

Financial trading professionals in banks, brokerages, and investment management rely on highly specialized communications systems to optimize market awareness, collaboration and ensure rapid execution.

EUS has over a decade of experience installing trader voice and trader support systems for hedge funds, broker-dealers, and small trading floors. We are expert in unified communications & collaboration applications merging trading turrets, IP telephony and unified communications capabilities on unified platforms, working with partners including IP Trade, IPC and Wesley Clover.

IP telephony makes it possible to ensure seamless communication for financial trading enterprises across the office or around the world. In addition to supporting turrets, we are able to add new positions connected to the system, without a forklift upgrade, and integrate features given our software and programming expertise. We are able to integrate new features, add mobility enhancements, and keep voice, video and data communications flowing - at a fraction of the cost compared to whole system upgrades.

We are experts at ARD support, and for the majority of our customers manage their connectivity solutions, ensuring their communications service providers are delivering the right quality of service and planning ahead for additional bandwidth required, redundancy and resiliency in the network, and priority support in the event of an emergency. We also design and implement business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, designed with performance - and compliance - in mind.